Keep your Tampa Pool Enclosure sturdy with structural integrity measures

Your investment of building that pool, lanai, or deck may have cost you a pretty penny when it was originally constructed. At Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair, we want to help you protect your investment by making sure the pool enclosure is kept up and that it can protect your property from the elements. Over the years, the elements can take their toll on the metal and a simple rescreen won’t be enough. Structural integrity is just as important, if not more than the appearance of your pool enclosure. There are many things that are involved to help keep your enclosure from falling down and perhaps becoming damaged beyond repair.


Sealing the carrier beam or header properly will prevent water from getting behind and rotting your fascia board.


Attaching to a structural portion of the house will prevent this from happening

In the examples above, mounting the carrier beam to an actual structural portion of the house (e.g. wall joists or roof trusses) is a much better choice. Only fastening the pool enclosure carrier beam to the fascia board or exterior sheathing is not enough which could end in catastrophic failure.

Eyebolt - not very sturdy

Eyebolt drilled through the frame – not very sturdy

Properly Reinforced with a brace

Properly Reinforced with an angled wall plate

Using lateral wall bracing cables are important to keep the front and side walls from moving, as the old eyebolt type drilled through the frame is not as effective as the newer angled wall plates. These wall plates actually attach to the top and upright portion of the aluminum framing and come with an adjustable stainless steel eyebolt and nuts so you can tighten the cable over time as they become loose. The older eyebolt through through the frame is useless unless it has a turnbuckle, as they cannot be tightened over time and if they do, they will have more than likely rusted so much that the buckle cannot be turned.

Wall anchors

Wall anchors corroded over time

New wall anchors

New wall anchors

The wall anchors that hold the entire cage to the concrete slab are another important structural aspect to the safety of your enclosure over time, since the chlorine from your pool will corrode the ceramic coated tapcon used to hold it down. The tapcons should be replaced about every five years. Stainless steel anchors are also available and will last much longer, but will eventually corrode to due the corrosive properties of chlorine.

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