Keep Tampa homes in great shape with regular Pressure Washing


Keep Tampa homes in great shape with regular Pressure Washing

At Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair, our goal is to keep your home looking great, keeping up its property value, and also making it a safe place for your family. Our pressure washing treatment is one of the best ways to keep a fresh look for your guests and make to make a lasting impression on home buyers who are looking to purchase. Here are a few reasons why pressure washing is a low cost maintenance measure you can take that goes a long way.

Pressure Washing Protects Your Family:

Your house is also the the home of a range of different impurities, such as dirt, mold, mildew and algae– some of which can be deadly. The heat and humidity in Tampa makes the mold problem even more severe. Pressure washing not just your house but also your driveway, walkway, porch, pool cage, and patio area can assist avoid these bacteria from growing and prevent injuries due to slipping and falling.

Pressure Washing Enhances Curb Appeal:

Your house’s curb appeal is very important, especially if you are thinking of selling your house. Pressure cleaning your home gets rid of spots and mildew that can make a home lookout unappealing, stalling a prospective home buyer from putting in an offer.

Pressure Washing Is Considered Preventative Maintenance:

Routinely arranged pressure washings are fantastic methods to save money on costly exterior house repairs. Keeping your home clean impedes rot, decay and early aging of the house– extending the life of your siding, driveway, porch and deck. For metal pool cages, this means extending their life and keeping them looking nice and bright.

Pressure Washing Increases Home Value:

Pressure washing is considered to be the most budget friendly method to increase your house’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressure cleaned home can increase the home listing price by $10,000-$15,000.

Pressure Washing is Environmentally Safe:

Cleaning is normally connected with making use of chemicals and hard stains require more powerful and severe chemicals. They are harmful to the environment by the release of contaminants (cleaning representatives when flushed might run into drain and might flood the streets) and are fairly unsafe to person and home. But with a pressure washer, these cleaning representatives are not always forced. This is merely since pressure washers spray water at a great speed and force making it adequate to get rid of dirt and collected debris with ease.

If you would like to keep your home clean and safe, ask our experienced team about our pressure washing services. Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair services Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Oldsmar areas. Please call us today at 813-679-1074 or you can also contact us using the button below.

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Screens will keep those insects out of homes in Tampa Florida

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Screens will keep those insects out of homes in Tampa Florida

At Tampa Bay Rescreens and Repair, we pride ourselves in keeping you comfortable in your own home by protecting you from the outside elements, including pesky insects that could encroach on your living space. Using high-quality rescreening materials like Super Screen ®, our finished product is second-to-none in the Tampa Bay Area. Here’s a short list of the types of insects that our pool cages, screened-in porches, and lanais can keep out.


Probably the biggest insect problem that people complain about in Tampa Florida is the mosquito. In Florida, mosquitoes could possibly carry illness, and cause uncomfortable bites and so avoiding mosquitoes is a big advantage of an insect screen. You can spend a lot of money on chemical repellents, tiki torches, and smelly citronella candles, but a screen installed by Tampa Bay Rescreens and Repair could save you from having to come out of pocket for a short-term solution.


Spiders, while they serve to keep some other parts of the insect population under control, are not something people want roaming around their pool or porch. Their bites, depending on the spider, can make you extremely sick or even cause death. At Tampa Bay Rescreens and Repair, we want to make sure you and your family (pets included) are protected from spiders.


So if your spiders aren’t doing their job and helping keep the fly population down, our screens can give you an extra layer of protection. As well as being a nuisance, common flies can present a health danger if they enter contact with food. Keeping out flies is perhaps the most common reason to set up a screen, and all of our screens will obstruct entry from flies.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are among the most feared intruders into Tampa Florida homes, since their sting is typically the most painful of all the insects we’ve talked about. The pool cage material we provide can keep out these types of insects and keep your family safe from others in this class such as hornets, mud daubers, and yellow-jackets.

Midges (no-seeums)

A "no-seeum" compared to the size of a U.S. penny.

A “no-seeum” biting midge compared to the size of a U.S. penny.

Colloquially referred to as “no-seeums”, the biting midge is a tiny insect. As you might guess, they are so small that you can hardly see them, which is where we get the term. As a result of their size, midges have the ability to enter through considerably smaller sized areas than most of other pests, and therefore need a finer mesh. Screens provided by other companies may not stop the entry of midges. In numerous parts of the country, midges are not a problem and so this is not needed, but in Tampa Florida, they can be a great nuisance. There are over 4,000 species of biting midges in the Ceratopogonidae family, and over 1,000 in just one genus, Culicoides.

If you would like to keep insects out of your pool area, porch, or lanai, ask our experienced team about our materials. Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair services Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Oldsmar areas and can install a new screen for you using top-quality Super Screen ® material that can keep all kinds of insects out. Please call us today at 813-679-1074 or you can also contact us using the button below.

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Top Quality Super Screen used at Tampa Bay Rescreens and Repair

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We use top quality materials from Super Screen

If you are in need of a rescreened pool cage, lanai, or porch, call the guys at Tampa Bay Rescreens and Repair. They use top-quality material in every rescreen job, since your job is important to us and we want you to have the best experience possible. Take a look at these features of Super Screen ® that make it our choice for rescreen jobs.

The newest technology available in screen defense for swimming pool, patio area or porch. Super Screen ® is the perfect option for the property owner who requires the very best in family pleasure and safety outdoors while offering a high-quality, lasting home enhancement investment.

Lasting Resilience

Unlike fiberglass evaluate that ends up being hard and breakable after a couple of years of direct exposure to sunlight, Super Screen ® retains versatility every year. After a 7 year weathering test, Super Screen ® lost just 1 % of its tensile strength. This alone is fantastic!

Keeps Out Insects & Bugs
The great mesh of Super Screen ® transcends in safeguarding against bugs and bugs while maintaining transparency. Breezes blow through. All else stays out!

Fade resistant
The UV tolerant homes protected by Super Screen ® reveal themselves through unparalleled color retention, durability, and filtering characteristics. With Super Screen ®, extended direct exposure to the sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading, like other screens– this means that it will certainly keep its like-new appearance and save you money on maintenance for it.

Say Goodbye to Pet Damage
Repair works to screen doors, patios, pool cages and porch screens are commonly a continuous expenditure to animal owners. Super Screen ® eliminates this expense. Clients say that they can not even see claw marks.

Resists Wind Damage & Flying Objects
Prior to Super Screen ® being offered in the rescreening marketplace, outdoor screen products just offered consumers protection from bugs and bugs– no defense versus punctures, tears or regular deterioration. Super Screen ® offers far more, especially for the folks who live in Florida during an active hurricane season! Wind blown particles and falling items simply bounce off the screen.

Resists tears and punctures
Super Screen ® is a miracle of space age technology developing lightweight yet incredibly strong fiber hairs. These hairs are then woven into a screen mesh that is virtually unbreakable.

Resistant to Mildew
Super Screen ® material consists of a biocide compound that withstands mildew development, yielding longer long lasting appeal from the material. No other swimming pool screen, porch screen or patio area screen can claim this.

Ten Year Warranty!
The quality of Super Screen ® material is backed by a 10-year warranty that makes it the only choice for Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair.

If you have a pool cage, patio, or lanai that needs a rescreen, Tampa Bay Rescreens & Repair services Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Oldsmar areas and can install a new screen for you using top-quality Super Screen ® material. Please call them today at 813-679-1074 or you can also contact them using the button below.

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